A Thousand Thanks

Pictured, left to right, South Dakota Community Foundation Senior Program Officer Ginger Niemann, South Dakota Historical Society Press Marketing Director Jennifer McIntyre, Pioneer Girl Project Director Nancy Tystad Koupal, South Dakota Historical Society Foundation CEO Catherine Forsch, South Dakota Historical Society Press Director Dedra Birzer, South Dakota Historical Society Press Managing Editor Cody Ewert.

At Thanksgiving and Christmas time, my family often use the Norwegian phrase tusen takk to express gratitude. It literally means “a thousand thanks.” In this holiday season of 2021, I want to offer such a profusion of thanks to the many readers of this Pioneer Girl Project blog and of the Pioneer Girl books. It has been a pleasure to interact with you over the last eleven years, and I look forward to many more years to come. Tusen takk!

Likewise, I want to thank all those who donate to the South Dakota Historical Society Foundation in support of the Pioneer Girl Project. Your generous financial gifts continue to make it possible for us to research and publish books about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her writings. Specifically, I offer my appreciation to the South Dakota Community Foundation for its support of and faith in Pioneer Girl: The Revised Texts. A thousand thanks!

Nancy Tystad Koupal

A Thank You to Our Supporters

What is the most important part of a project? You might say the finished product, but, to even begin, there need to be people who believe in the value and abilities of your plan. While the Pioneer Girl Project is what brings us together, it is the support of our donors that has made the dream of many—to read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s unpublished manuscript—a foreseeable reality.

The Great Plains Education Foundation, Inc., of Aberdeen, South Dakota, got the ball rolling with an $80,000 challenge grant. Contributions from Dennis and Carol Anderson, the South Dakota State Historical Society, Historic Preservation Office, BankWest, Inc., the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, John and Margaret Fowler and the Growth Opportunities Through Rail Access Coalition helped us to meet that challenge. De Smet Farm Mutual Insurance Company of South Dakota, NorthWestern Energy and the South Dakota Community Foundation have also recently joined the project as Pioneers (donations of $10,000 or more). It is because of these donors that the South Dakota State Historical Society Press will be able to offer Wilder’s autobiography at an affordable price. The book will include behind-the-scenes essays and details concerning the life of this significant author.

With the help of the Homesteaders (donations of $5,000 to $9,999) like First PREMIER Bank / PREMIER BankCard, we will also be able to bring important events and materials to readers throughout the nation to promote knowledge of Wilder’s life and writings.

Please visit the Pioneer Girl Project Donations page and thank everyone for their contributions toward the long-awaited publication of this important manuscript, including our Friends (donations up to $999) and Settlers (donations of $1,000 to $4,999). The Pioneer Girl Project is coming together because of our donors, large and small, and, of course, because of followers like you. Thank you for your support as we research and publish Laura Ingalls Wilders’ Pioneer Girl.

For information on how you can contribute to the Pioneer Girl Project, please email info@sdshspress.com or donate now by visiting the South Dakota Historical Society Foundation Pioneer Girl Project donation page.

Jennifer McIntyre