About the Pioneer Girl Project

Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of the great American storytellers. Millions of people in the United States and beyond have read her “Little House” books. Beloved by many, her writing has stood the test of time, and she continues to have stories to tell.

Founded in 2010, the Pioneer Girl Project is dedicated to researching and publishing a comprehensive edition of Pioneer Girl, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s autobiography, and books dedicated to exploring her life and works. The Little House Heritage Trust, the guardians of Wilder’s writing and legacy, have granted exclusive rights to publish the Pioneer Girl manuscripts to the South Dakota Historical Society Press. The Pioneer Girl Project website documents our research and findings.

On this website you will find interviews, blogs, videos, photographs, discussions, documents, excerpts, and much more. We encourage you to join in the discussion and share this site and its information as widely as possible.

17 thoughts on “About the Pioneer Girl Project

  1. I’m going to have to re-read the Little House series over again. It has been many years since I have read them. I’m looking forward to the autobiography being published and will check back to this site to keep up with progress.

    • I’m guessing that may be the case for a number of people, Karen. You’ve got a little while until Pioneer Girl comes out, so enjoy the reading!

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  3. Wow! Oh Wow! I won’t go into the details about how I found this site, but I am thrilled to have done so! I have read the Little House series books until they have literally fallen apart (I have gone through 2 sets now and will have to get a third!) I have also read just about every other book that has been published, William Anderson’s writings, her cookbook, scrapbook, her writings to young women, her devotionals…. I know there are so many more and I can hardly wait for this spring’s release. Much success and thanks to everyone involved!

  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! FINALLY someone with the insight to try and publish this manuscript!! I think the market for it has been around for quite some time, but nobody with any clout had yet made the connection. I’ve considered buying it several times over probably the past decade or more, but $100+ was not something I could justify at the time, despite owning every other LIW publication in existence! Can’t wait for this to come out!!

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  7. Is this available in an Audiobook? My dear 94 year old mom-in-law loves, as I do anything about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Mom is blind, what a gift it would be for her to be able to spend time with Laura.

    • Thank you for your question, Linda. Unfortunately, Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography will not be an audio book at this time. There are various complexities that need to be worked out; however, we continue to be open to the possibilities.

  8. Are there plans to eventually provide the book in Kindle format? Thanks in advance for answering my question! 🙂

    • Thank you for your question, Barbara. Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography is a complex book, filled with annotations, appendices, images, and Wilder’s original text, and the development of a faithful eBook version compatible with the most popular eBook devices will be a complicated process. The South Dakota Historical Society Press has not yet set a date for the eventual release of Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography as an eBook.

  9. Perhaps I just haven’t done enough digging yet to find the answer to my question, and I apologize if I missed it, but I am wondering why it took 85 years for her autobiography to be published? Why was it not published right away, or at least at the height of the popularity of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s children’s books?

    • By the way, just got my copy today and I have to say it’s beautifully done! Thank you and congratulations to everyone who made this happen. I can’t wait to start reading it!

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