“Not-So-Little Sales on the Prairie”: Pioneer Girl is still available; More Books to Come

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The week-to-week unit sales of Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography are analyzed by Publishers Weekly.

Now in its fourth week on the New York Times Best Sellers list, Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder, edited by Pamela Smith Hill, continues to defy expectations. As the industry news source, Publishers Weekly, stated in its story “Not-So-Little Sales on the Prairie,” on March 30, transactions numbered close to 40,000 out of the 75,000 units printed, and the book remains on top-selling lists throughout the nation.

Moreover, bookstores report that this popular item continues to drive people to their stores. The customers who especially appreciate Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography?—those who prefer the physical book. “It’s this huge beautiful book, and it’s so much fun to spend time with and to hold,” said Sundance Books and Music employee Stephanie Lauer to Reno News & Review reporter D. Brian Burghart earlier this month. Never staying out of the limelight for long, the book appears in news articles weekly, links to which can be found on the Pioneer Girl Project Media Coverage page.

Copies of Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography from the third printing continue to be available to individuals through the South Dakota Historical Society Press, as well as at retail locations throughout the United States. Distributors, online book sellers, and book stores will receive more books from a fourth and a fifth print run, totaling 50,000 copies, that will be shipped at the end of April and beginning of May.

Jennifer McIntyre

8 thoughts on ““Not-So-Little Sales on the Prairie”: Pioneer Girl is still available; More Books to Come

  1. It is a beautiful big book. Very interesting and gives me lots to think about, how things work behind the scenes to ever bring this book to the public.

  2. I just love this book. I haven’t been able to read it all. I have gone through it, looking at all the pictures etc. It is just a beautiful book, that I will always treasure, and will pass down to my grandchildren.

    • I have loved Little House On The Prairie since I was nine years old. I am now 74years old and very soon 75years old!

  3. It is a beautiful book and I cannot wait to take time to read it this summer. My only wish is that be available in digital form due to my poor eyesight. However, I will take out my magnifying glass and dive in!

  4. Having had this on order for 4 months, I was really disappointed that Amazon just suddenly cancelled my order. Never fear! I called you direct, and spoke to Jennifer and she took my order and said it would ship on Friday! Excited about finally getting this!

  5. I read the books at 8 and it was the story of the life seen by a child, and this new book is the same life story but from an adult. It’s magical to see how the original story have been so well adapt to the childhood. When we are adults so many things are not so beautiful… The original story make the little house books, more special for me.. as a sweet remembrance the childhood unawareness.

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