A New Time Frame for Pioneer Girl

“When is the new release date?”

The question above has been on the minds of many who follow the progress of the Pioneer Girl Project, and the South Dakota State Historical Society Press has been working hard to get Laura Ingalls Wilder’s unpublished work into book form. In February, readers of this blog saw that the publication of Pioneer Girl had to be delayed. As explained in A Matter of Timing, publishing Wilder’s manuscript involves layers of history and research into her writings, family, and friends. As Director Nancy Tystad Koupal said, “Each twist and turn has been exciting, but unfortunately, it has also been time-consuming.” Your patience throughout this process has been greatly appreciated.

The end of researching and writing is in sight, and the Press looks forward to presenting readers with the annotated edition of Pioneer Girl in 2014. Stay tuned to pioneergirlproject.org for more specific details in the weeks to come.

Thank you for your continued interest in this important project. You can pre-order Pioneer Girl by emailing orders@sdshspress.com or calling (605) 773-6009.

Jennifer McIntyre

9 thoughts on “A New Time Frame for Pioneer Girl

  1. Take your time, no rush! Appreciate your attention to detail- real stories are always the best. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. i’m a huge fan ! can’t wait to include this book in my book collection ! i have 600 laura ingalls wilder related books in my book collection ! i’m hungry for more, more, more.

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